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What is Loppiness®?

Loppiness is a woman¨s body condition control system which combines the world¨s first Bluetooth 4.0 thermometer for women and a smart phone application. It simply records your basal body temperature and helps you plan for a healthy diet and skincare during the menstrual cycle.

The greatest characteristic of Loppiness is that it's the world¨s first Bluetooth 4,0 thermometer. There have been a few thermometers which interfaced with smart phones, but using them was very inconvenient. It usually involved connecting cables directly or physically connecting the thermometer to your smart phone.

Loppiness provides high speed Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and it only requires one-touch control to transmit temperature data to the application. You only need to check your body temperature using Loppiness thermometer in the morning. Everything will be complete by just checking your temperature. Body temperature data will be automatically saved, sent and managed in your Smart Phone. Loppiness is the most innovative system which eliminates all the troubles in managing basal body temperature.

As the temperature data is automatically saved from your smart phone to the server, you can manage the data on your personal computer and also, the data is stored in the event of a lost or a broken phone. The temperature data will be saved on the Loppiness server in real time fashion with a 3G or LTE capable phone. Our product is also PC compatible. Saved data is easy to recover from the Loppiness server on your personal computer.

Loppiness Application automatically sends measured temperature data to the smartphone using Bluetooth, recording basal body temperature, marking period days, predicted ovulation days and body condition in a graph and on a calendar,The Loppiness App interacts with the Bluetooth Loppiness thermometer for predicting ovulation days, period days and body condition. There are monthly and weekly calendars for BBT.

You can manage your diet, skincare and your menstrual cycle through the application. The application automatically alerts you as to your expected condition of that day.

Loppiness App

We are currently developing applications for IOS and Android. Users will be able to see their temperature data on their PC.

The Application has a design and user interface that is easy to use for women. We use a simple interface for first time users and animated characters for younger users such as daily notification of your condition using characters and jewels.

Also it can be used as an alarm clock every morning.

Loppiness thermometer

The World¨s first Bluetooth 4.0 thermometer for women

Loppiness thermometer is the world¨s first thermometer for women using Bluetooth 4.0. Loppiness has a very modern and sophisticated design compared to existing thermometers. All data is automatically saved in the server. The Bluetooth thermometer sends the data to your smart phone and is saved on the server by just checking your body temperature. It does so automatically even on standby mode. And of course, there is no need to touch your smart phone or for connecting cables.

We plan on producing it in multi colors (red, white, black, pink and mint) and in 3 different sizes.



Project Loppiness®


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